Eagles - Hell Freezes Over

Hell Freezes Over

Released November 8, 1994
Geffen CD 24725
DTS Entertainment CD-1006 (Released June 1, 1998)
Produced by the Eagles with Elliot Scheiner and Rob Jacobs

Get Over It (3:29)
(Don Henley/Glenn Frey)
Love Will Keep Us Alive (4:00)
(Pete Vale/Jim Capaldi/Paul Carrack)
The Girl From Yesterday (3:21)
(Glenn Frey/Jack Tempchin)
Learn To Be Still (4:27)
(Don Henley/Stan Lynch)
Tequila Sunrise (2:56)
(Don Henley/Glenn Frey)
Hotel California (6:54)
(Don Henley/Glenn Frey/Don Felder)
Wasted Time (5:03)
(Don Henley/Glenn Frey)
Pretty Maids All In A Row (4:15)
(Joe Walsh/Joe Vitale)
I Can't Tell You Why (4:54)
(Don Henley/Glenn Frey/Timothy B. Schmit)
New York Minute (6:16)
(Don Henley/Danny Kortchmar/Jai Winding)
The Last Resort (7:00)
(Don Henley/Glenn Frey)
Take It Easy (4:24)
(Jackson Browne/Glenn Frey)
In The City (3:54)
(Joe Walsh/Barry De Vorzon)
Life in the Fast Lane (5:05)
(Don Henley/Glenn Frey/Joe Walsh)
Desperado (3:43)
(Don Henley/Glenn Frey)

Don Felder (Guitars, Vocals)
Glenn Frey (Guitars, Piano, Keyboards, Vocals)
Don Henley (Drums, Percussion, Vocals)
Timothy B. Schmit (Bass, Vocals)
Joe Walsh (Guitars, Organ, Vocals)
John Corey (Keyboards, Guitar, Vocals)
Scott Crago (Percussion, Drums)
Timothy Drury (Keyboards, Vocals)
Stan Lynch (Percussion)
Jay Oliver (Keyboards)
Paulinho DaCosta (Percussion)
Gary Grimm (Percussion)

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